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Is Satan the cause, the initiator, the deliverer, the source of illness, disease, sickness, and disability? Short answer NO! Long answer, complicated theology. Lately, I have been surrounded by this theological perspective that Satan is the cause of illness, disease, and disability. Our daughter Ana has Down syndrome. Recently, Simone (my wife) had...


There’s Gonna be a Revival in This Land

I was at an event where a wonderful choir sang a gospel song and the lyrics in the chorus were, “There’s gonna be a revival in this land.” It got my attention because it seemed like a command, and or request for a revival...


Is Pastoral Restoration Biblical? The Ashley Madison Controversy Exposes Deeper Issues

With all the moral failures in ministry lately what's a path to restoration? To my knowledge, The Bible doesn't lay out a path for "pastoral restoration" per se. I could be corrected, but all the things I have read on pastoral restoration use biblical passages...