Richard has written his most recent book "Divergent Theology" to discover if all so named Christian movements, leaders, pastors and churches really are Christian. Are they all practicing historically accepted teaching? What is really Orthodox Christian Theology anyway? There are so many movements that are growing and developing in modern Christendom. Richard addresses many of the new theological streams of thought that are appearing in the Christian landscape. Richard hopes to give you the tools to discern between Biblical truth and Divergent or incorrect theology. 


Richard's Mission

Richard is passionate about seeing an ever increasing  number of young people come to know, worship, and obey Jesus authentically. All the while building Jesus church so that young people can be empowered to build the authentic community of Jesus on earth. 

“Richard Moore is a man of great passion for Jesus. Richard is a godly man, great husband, and dad. He has a unique gift of communicating with a rare quality of authenticity and truth-telling. Richard is one who ministers in the power of the Holy Spirit.”
— Dr. David Olshine, Director of Youth Ministry, Family and Culture Columbia International University Co-Founder of Youth Ministry Coaches

How Richard Ministers

  • Richard Blogs at Desperate Imitation of Christ and Youth Pastor Recovery
  • Richard Consults with Churches and Youth ministries.
  • Richard writes on various theological topics at Academia
  • Richard Speaks at Camps, Retreats, Seminars, Church Events, and Outreach Events
  • Richard is involved in local Church Planting
  • Richard Ministers locally in Church and Youth Ministry life
  • Richard Coaches Youth Ministry teams
  • Richard Mentors and Disciples young men in ministry and theological students
  • Richard writes curriculum for youth ministry and for masters degree business students
  • Teaches in various Bible Schools as guest lecturer